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Unlock the Essence of Pure Honey from the Heart of Baduy Culture

“Welcome, seekers of nature’s finest! Embrace the essence of Baduys’ Honey, where each drop holds the secrets of a culture and the purity of untouched forests. Taste the journey, taste the legacy.”

Aulia Assidik, M.Si (Han)
CEO of PT. Jakarta Ekspor Impor

Why Choose Us ?

Authenticity in Every Drop

Erwin Winaldi, a long-time friend of the Baduy community, testifies to the remarkable healing potential of our honey.

Unveil Nature's Secret

Health professionals across Bandung and beyond have witnessed the positive impact of our honey on COVID-19 recovery.

Beyond Sweetness, Beyond Culture

Choose our honey for a taste of nature while supporting the preservation of Baduy culture and environment.

Why People Say ...

Our Clients's words speak volume about the quality of our work:

"A Healing Elixir"

Dicky Candra, the renowned Indonesian comedian hailing from West Java, describes Baduys’ Honey as a healing elixir that became his go-to during the COVID-19 pandemic. In his testimonial, he highlights the product’s efficacy in boosting his overall well-being and navigating the challenges of the pandemic. With a touch of humor, Dicky Candra shares how Baduys’ Honey played a vital role in supporting his health during these unprecedented times.

"An Ethical Choice"

Mamah Dedeh, the esteemed Indonesian Ustadzah from West Java, testifies to the ethical choice she made for women’s health by choosing Baduys’ White Honey. In her brief testimonial, Mamah Dedeh emphasizes the significance of this honey variant in promoting women’s well-being. Her endorsement reflects the ethical and health-conscious decision she has made in incorporating Baduys’ White Honey into her lifestyle.

"Exceptional Quality"

Babeh Haikal Hassan Baras, an Indonesian Ustadz, Islamic historian, and motivator of Arab descent, commends the exceptional quality of Baduys’ Honey in his testimonial. As an expert in Islamic history, his endorsement adds weight to the product’s reputation for excellence. Babeh Haikal Hassan Baras recognizes and highlights the outstanding quality that sets Baduys’ Honey apart, showcasing its appeal to individuals seeking premium and reliable honey products.

What Makes Us Special ?

Craftman Leather goes beyond the ordinary, making us stand out in the realm of leather craftsmanship:

Preserving Traditions

We partner with the Baduy community to responsibly harvest honey, honoring their centuries-old practices.

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Untouched Ecosystem

Our honey originates from the forbidden Leuwi Damar forest, a haven untouched by pollution and industry.

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Healing Potency

Backed by real stories of recovery, our honey is more than just a natural sweetener – it’s a source of well-being.

Global Impact

By choosing Baduys’ Honey, you contribute to sustaining a unique cultural heritage while enjoying exceptional quality.

About Us

Baduys’ Honey, a haven for preserving tradition where the untouched ecosystem of Desa Kanekes unfolds its secrets. Nestled in the heart of Leuwi Damar District, our journey with the Baduy community unveils the healing potency of centuries-old rituals and their global impact on sustainable living.

In 60 villages, including Cikeusik, Cibeo, and Ciketawarna, the Pu’un (Head of Customs) guides unique cultural practices, creating a symbiotic relationship with the untouched ecosystem. Baduy Dalam, particularly the revered ‘Hutan Larangan Leuwi Damar,’ is a sacred realm accessible only to the Baduy community, fostering a harmonious bond with nature.

Here, nature is revered, and sustainable utilization is permitted, showcasing a strict code against greed. Rooted in agriculture, the Baduy people lead a nomadic life, tending to crops and moving with the seasons.

Relying on nature’s gifts, the Baduy people harvest once a year, often with just one bag of rice per family, reflecting the challenges they face in supporting their households. To supplement their livelihoods, they practice sustainable farming and, for some, extract honey from the forbidden forest.

This Honey harvesting ritual is a weekly affair, a privilege granted only by the Pu’un, showcasing the Baduy’s deep respect for nature and the healing potency of the untouched ecosystem. This intricate process involves extracting honey from wild bees, particularly avis dorsata, resulting in beautiful varieties such as Kuning, Hitam, and Putih.

Erwin Winaldi, our bridge to the Baduy community, has played a crucial role in preserving tradition since 2019. Sales soared to 300 million rupiahs in the first year, doubling during the pandemic, with Madu Putih proving effective against COVID-19 and making a positive global impact.

In 2021, Erwin provided assistance to 175 healthcare workers at Puskesmas Bale Endah, Bandung, fighting COVID-19 with Madu Putih. Their recovery attests to the healing potency of Baduys’ Honey and its global impact.

PT. Jakarta Ekspor Impor or JakExim recognizes the excellence of Baduys’ Honey, choosing it as one of its flagship products to be introduced to the world market. Challenges persist for Baduy’s Honey, including volume limitations due to its natural extraction following tradition, making its pricing more competitive, and intricate international permits. Nevertheless, Baduys’ Honey remains resilient, showcasing the pure essence of Hutan Larangan Leuwi Damar and its global impact.

Our commitment to quality transcends borders, daring to be compared with global products. In Indonesia, black honey is mainly sourced from Sumatra but faces challenges due to population shifts and environmental changes.

Baduys’ Honey is more than just a product; it is an exploration of the wonders of nature, the preservation of cultural heritage, and a commitment to sustainable living, making a lasting global impact.

Join us in this adventure where every drop of honey tells a story of tradition, resilience, sustainability, cultural heritage, and the untouched beauty of Baduy.”


Step into our gallery to witness the journey of leather from raw material to exquisite creations. Immerse yourself in the sights and stories that define our legacy.

Journey into Baduy

Explore the breathtaking landscapes where our honey originates.

Honey Harvest

Witness the meticulous process of honey extraction, a tradition passed down through generations.

Baduy Culture

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and daily life of the Baduy people.

Our Products

Discover our curated collection of leather goods, including:

Black Honey

Try Black Honey for Baduys - a natural sweetener from Indonesia's virgin forests with a rich caramel and molasses flavor. It's free from additives and preservatives, making it a healthy option for you and your family. Use it in your recipes or enjoy it on its own for optimum freshness and quality. Harvested from carefully tended hives, be sure you are getting a premium quality product. Satisfy your taste buds with the natural sweetness of Indonesia's virgin forests in every scoop.

White Honey

White honey from Baduys' is premium quality honey sourced from Indonesian virgin forests. Produced by skilled Apis dorsata bees, it has a distinct white color, floral aroma, and sweet taste. This unique honey is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, making it a perfect natural sweetener in tea or coffee and for cooking and baking. The unique packaging makes it great for gifts. Experience the distinct richness and flavor of this honey that offers multiple health benefits.

Yellow Honey

Baduys's Indonesia produces high-quality, pure, and natural yellow honey extracted from flowers in Indonesia's pristine forests. This honey has a distinct golden yellow color and delicate flavor with floral notes, perfect for sweetening tea, coffee, or desserts. It offers numerous health benefits and is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Skilled beekeepers produce this premium honey, making it 100% pure and unadulterated. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for natural and healthy food and wants to experience the taste of Indonesia's pristine forests.

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Aulia Assidik, M.Si (Han)
CEO of PT. Jakarta Ekspor Impor

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